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Areas of Expertise

Counselling Approach

At Alana Lenart Counselling it is my priority to provide a calm space so you can share what is on your mind. I will work with you to help identify and implement strategies that address situations or areas of your life that concern you. The way we do this is through a holistic, solution-focused approach. This involves determining the cause of your concerns, setting goals and you taking decisive action towards those goals. I don’t believe in telling you what you should do because your life is not mine.

Pre-diagnosis and Assessment Support
  • Support to understand autism and developmental delays 

  • Guidance in navigating the assessment process. What to expect, how to support your child

  • What does an autism diagnosis mean for you, your child and your family

  • Address relationship issues regarding a possible diagnosis

  • How to manage your feelings, fears and concerns around the assessment

  • Working through the diagnosis and what has been identified.

  • Looking at what this means for your child and you

  • How to best support your child

  • How to understand your needs and how that relates to your child

  • How to advocate for your child

  • Providing support to you when advocating for your child

  • Support you to address areas of tension within the family unit regarding autism. Particularly with extended family

  • How to find the best support for your child based on their needs, strengths and goals

NDIS Funding Accepted. If your child has an NDIS plan (Self Managed or Plan Managed) these funds can be accessed for the above services. This is dependent on the goals in the plan.

Alana interviewed alongside South Australia's Assistant Minister for Autism, Hon Emily Bourke.

My Approach

About Alana

After a 13 year career in the aviation industry, I was led to study counselling after my son was diagnosed as autistic. My son, husband and I had experienced years of struggle leading up to his eventual autism diagnosis. During this time, I was also diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety. It was a lot to deal with and I was in a constant state of flight and fright mode.. and the occasional fight. It wasn't fun for anyone. 


I was able to get the mental health support that I needed but when it came to supporting my son I was at a loss. The parenting advice offered was aimed at neurotypical children and certainly wasn't helping when we tried them. I remember wishing for someone who knew what it was actually like and could guide me to help my son feel safe in a world that was really scary to him.


It took a while, but I learned that to best support my son I had to relearn what I thought parenting was going to be and become what my son needed me to be. I adapted and evolved. I did what my son was being asked to do every day. If he had to do it, then so did I. 

When I moved away from expecting to meet neurotypical standards to meeting my son where he was at, everything changed. I was calmer, he was calmer. Life is better.

I will help you to be the parent your autistic child needs you to be. However that looks for your family. Together we will create an environment where the whole family can thrive. It is possible. My family is proof of that. 

With love,


-Diploma of Counselling- Advanced Majors in Family Therapy and Child Development

-Holly Bridges Reframing Autism Intensive. Autism, Anxiety and the Nervous System

-Cert IV in Training and Assessment 

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